Our company, Monarch International (UK) Ltd has been in business for over 10 years and our product WETNFIX® has proved to be an enormous success within the trade and retail industries, selling in the UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Canada and the USA. WETNFIX® has gained many awards, including the Best New DIY Product and the Retailers Choice Award in 2002 amongst others. In 2004 we were awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation and were extremely privileged to be invited to Buckingham Palace to meet Her Majesty the Queen.

“Our product was developed out of frustration when my family and I moved to an old Victorian house with crumbly walls that needed decorating. Every time I tried to drill a hole into the wall or replaced a new fitting, the hole became bigger. A larger wall plug was not solving the problem and filling every hole with plaster filler was just time consuming whilst keeping my day job. I knew I was on to something when I realised that other people encounter the same problem, so I developed WETNFIX® with the backing and support of my son Craig. Our customers have shown that they are grateful we provided them with a product that works quickly and easily by supporting our success.”

Alan Stephenson, Monarch International (UK) Ltd

“My father’s inspiration for developing our product was borne from his love of solving problems and his DIY attitude.

I am extremely proud to have taken part in helping to conceive an amazing product that deals with a frustrating DIY problem.

Our customers have showed their confidence in our product by continually supporting our success.”

Craig Stephenson, Monarch International (UK) Ltd

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for WETNFIX®, please email us at: enquiries@wetnfix.co.uk