What is WETNFIX®?

Wetnfix is a multi-award winning innovative product!

Specifically designed and created to provide a quick/easy solution to a very common problem for securing wall plugs/anchors in weak crumbly masonry or oversized holes.
WETNFIX® is a small pad of a cotton weave fabric, impregnated with a special plaster formula. The WETNFIX® pad is simply dipped into water for 2/3 seconds, with the excess water shaken off, the WETNFIX® pad is moulded around the plug and inserted into the hole.

• WETNFIX® - Unique patented product.
• Quick and simple to use. - Ready in 3 minutes
• Non-hazardous - safe to use.
• No need to re-drill / No preparation / No special tools / No mess or fuss.

WETNFIX® is handy...
- when the walls are too crumbly to support a new wall plug and screw
- a hole drilled in the wall is too big to secure a wall plug
- a fixture or fitting is loose or detaching from the wall
- the hole crumbles or expands with every turn of the screw
- you need to fix bathroom or kitchen fittings such as a shelf, picture hook, towel rack , curtain pole... and much more

See Following Video.

WETNFIX® was voted one of the most outstanding and innovative products in the United Kingdom and United States, and was awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation.